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MCafee Internet Security

Hi All,

I had purchased and installed Mcafee Internet Security about 4 months ago as my Mcafee Total Protection was to expire in a day or two then. Over this period of 4 month and at least 5 times the Mcafee Internet Security sudedenly disappears and the expired Mcafee Total Protection seems to install itself. This happens even after Total Protection has been deleted form my Laptop. I have to on every occassion get to my Mcafee Account page and re install the download thus consuming a lot of time.Kindly advise as to how I can resolve this issue and continuously have my Valid Mcafee Internet Security working on my Laptop always.



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Re: MCafee Internet Security

After it happens did you run the MCPR removal tool to clean up left overs?

reboot and run below to clean up IE


That said this issue should not happen. If after doing above it happens again best to contact Tech support services at the link above in useful links tab. Calls are now free or you can use chat. Never seen this happen except immediately after an install if you have malwarebytes installed during a mcafee install. They, Tech support, can remove all reference of the old subscription and reinstall the current 1 after cleaning up the current install.

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Re: MCafee Internet Security

Hello Stephen,

This happens if the PC still has the subject contents of your expired McAfee Total protection, the Installed Internet security suite takes the expiration date of the previous date .  If it happens once again, try to run the McAfee subscription repair tool by following the instructions mentioned here in this document and you should be alright .


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