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Lost E-card


have just recently purchased a new lenovo laptop. And as common info as others, was installed with a Trial McAfee & always has a popup saying pc is at risk!!!! Tried to activate the realtime but not possible. Thereafter I found out I lost my e-card.

What can I do to get a replacement e-card? On other matters, I reading other user's problem, will most probably know what to do for activation - uninstall and install back the McAfee, right?

Please advise on the lost e-card.


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Re: Lost E-card

Yes, uninstall via Control Panel, then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and download from your online account, which should now have your software available at any time for download if you already used the E-Card.

If not I don't think we can help you here, you would have to contact Customer Service or the place you bought it which may have a record of its serial number.

The Customer Service phone number for your area is:  1800 807643 and is available 24/7


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Re: Lost E-card

Hi mus55.pablo,

Please confirm whether you are referring to the Ecard that came with the Lenovo PC which I presume is not activated. You can login to McAfee home using and see if the Product is available and also its Expiry date. If its Expired you need to Contact Customer Service from above post where Peter posted and seek help in Redeeming the lost Ecard.