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Logixoft Process Revealer

I am a user of McAfee security software (I received it pre-installed on my notebook computer). Recently I tried to download the Logixoft Process Revealer from the site

1) I was unable to navigate to the site because it has been blocked by McAfee SiteAdvisor addon, because one of the applications downloaded from the site has been marked as malware: the file "rkfree-setup.exe" (as "Generic Keylogger trojan"). The problem is that the file is indeed a keylogger, but not a trojan; the application is explicitly declared as a keylogger (its name is "Revealer Keylogger Free Edition 1.4"). (Apparently, keyloggers have legitimate uses; I suggest downgrading the application to a "potentially unwanted program".)

2) When I disabled the SiteAdvisor addon and downloaded the "Process Revealer Free Edition 1.0" (filename: "prfree_setup.exe"), McAfee antivirus blocked the file as "Generic PUP.z!e"; I had to whitelist it. The question is: why was the file recognized as a "potentially unwanted program"? Does it pose any security or privacy risks? (I believe it's a false alert.)

Mike Rosoft

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Re: Logixoft Process Revealer

Hi Mike,

When a file is scanned, VirusScan compares it to known threats. VirusScan also uses heuristic techniques to detect unusual behavior. When a file cannot be matched to a known threat, but exhibits unusual and possibly threatening behavior, VirusScan utilizes Artemis technology to evaluate the threat of the unknown file. If the file is deemed unsafe, VirusScan will quarantine the file to protect your computer.

It necessarily need not to be a virus , but McAfee proactilvely tries to block those files which might posses the characteristics of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Potentially Unwanted Programs affect your privacy and security and moreover as you say it being a keylogger progams has advantages and disadvantages/threats. McAfee takes a step ahead and blocks its so that users who accidentally download these type of loggers over the internet are not exposed to internet threats.


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: Logixoft Process Revealer

We understand your concern. However, please find the reason for this site/file is been suspected as a infection.


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