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License Start Date

I have a version of McAfee that came with my Dell computer.  It is Security Essentials version.  The Dell version does not expire until February 2014.

In the meantime there was a good deal through the Dell store for the purchase of McAfee Total Protection 2014.  I decided to purchase this software and install in when my Dell version expires in February. 

On the chance that I could maybe install Total Protection right away, I contacted custom support to ask them about extending that licenses until February, however I was told that these are 2 different packages and that they could not extend the license.

They also told me that my license for my new purchase of McAfee Total Protection 2014 starts on the day I purchased the software.  I told support that the license should start on the day of activation, but they disagreed and told me it starts on the day of purchase.  Support also indicated that this includes boxed in store software. Does this make sense?

If that is so, I will return my copy of Total Protection and then purchase it in February when my other license expires.


I can post the support  chat conversation too.

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Re: License Start Date

Unfortunately for you they are right.  It has always started on the day of purchase and extensions are usually only offered if there was an interruption in the service that is their fault.   Ask Dell for a refund.   There'll be other deals around nearer your renewal date.    Packages can never be combined so when that occurs it's advisable to uninstall your old software, run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and then install the new.

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