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Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Then why don't MCAFEE THEMSELVES call it that in the about dialog?!?!

LOL I just finished replying to you in another thread and that made me want to try out the 2012 beta...but Googling "McAfee SecurityCenter 2012" brought up this thread and made me realise that I'm in the same boat as mxreader. I guess it's an Aussie thing...weird

This is another 2 point loss for McAfee in my score that makes the score about -15 LOL . Why can't they just call the product one thing in every region? Or do U.S. Internet Security customers get told they have "SecurityCenter" too? If so that's even worse...does McAfee pride themselves in confusing their customers?

If I wasn't so cheap I'd simply uninstall this poxy product right here and now...but I have paid for another 340 days so I'm going to grit my teeth and stick with it just for that reason alone. There is no way in h*ll I'm going to renew though.

EDIT: Sorry to bother you again mate, but do you know if I'm even ABLE to get the 2012 beta without re-subscribing? I did ANOTHER Google search, this time for "McAfee Internet Security 2012", but upon clicking the first result I was redirected to this page:


OK McAfee, so you've snooped into my computer enough to know that it's a Dell and that I have what you keep calling SecurityCenter even though your reps call it Internet Security. But you can't tell that I've already paid you for my 2011 subscription? And aren't all updates supposed to be free? Well I'm sure you CAN tell that I've paid, but you just want another $149.99 from me. And I love how that's the default option, rather than the cheaper 1 or 2 year subscriptions. Oh but that's because you're "concerned about my long-term security", right? Oh and I save $89.98 if I do it that way! Wow! I'm so impressed! I'll just click that "Add To Cart" button right now! Actually, how about I just give you my credit card number and you can take all the money I don't even have, because I'm sure you need it way more than me!</extreme sarcasm>

I wonder how many less-technically-minded people have accidentally clicked that button straight away when they only intended to buy 1 year? And then out of those, how many were willing to go through the effort of complaining about it? And how many of those got their money refunded, or some other resolution they were happy with? Not a lot I bet...and I'm sure all the other non-freeware companies probably do this too but it just makes me sick!

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Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Re the beta you go to register and download it. If you do not get the 2012 version some registerants are kept on the 2011 beta and ask and I can get you changed.

Dell might call it Security Centre really they need to be consistant I agree. Yes that way is unfortunately how most companies' marketing area set up purchases.

But you can't tell that I've already paid you for my 2011 subscription? And aren't all updates supposed to be free?

Wasn't that a link you clicked on? If it was a popup on your PC then yes marketing has a problem we have seen that happen to posters with long subscriptions why beats us. All we can do is pass it up the line that pops are coming to the wrong people.

Anyway sorry this made a stressed Xmas for you Hope things improve.


Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Wasn't that a link you clicked on?

Yep, that's why I complained about them somehow knowing that my PC was a Dell, yet pretending to NOT know that I have an active subscription.

Cheers for your condolences and for the link, will try it out and let you know how I go


Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Must be a Dell thing as it did not do a popup on mine will check the wifes PC as mine has the beta on it.


Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Peacekeeper wrote:

Re the beta you go to register and download it.

OK tried that and I got an ASP.NET server error page. Seems as though their web devs have made an incredibly novice mistake in wrongly defining application names or directories. This is something I learnt how to do in Week 1 of a basic TAFE course. Not good enough McAfee...but I'm not at all surprised. I've had trouble getting a job with my basic qualifications, but it seems as though your developers (and/or contractors you hire) are fresh out of high school, so maybe I should apply with you LOL . Then I could also have a much stronger influence on all the problems I and others have found!

Anyway I fired up my trusty best friend Google yet again, and searched for "McAfee Beta", which led me to this page. So my question to you Tony (if I may call you that; I feel as though we're getting to know each other now LOL ) or anyone else who can answer it is why does that page say "No beta programs are currently available" and "There are no upcoming beta programs scheduled at this time"? Is this another mistake on their part, or do I have to register and log in to see the available betas?

I really hate giving out my personal info, especially to a company that you've been investigating for alledgedly taking info they're not entitled to (socal_mitch told me so in the other thread we're participating in)! So I'll only register if I absolutely have to.

Thanks again for all your help mate

P.S: On a side note, I didn't even realise that you're an Aussie until you posted this morning and said it was Boxing Day LOL (which prompted me to check your profile). That's awesome; good to know that a fellow Aussie is keeping these yanks in line, or at least trying to!

EDIT: Just tried accessing the URL you gave me again, but this time clicked a link on a Google search result page, and it worked! Weird, it seems to work fine when you're redirected from another page, but not when you type the URL directly into your browser's address bar and hit Enter.

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Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

The popup did not come from Mcafee my wifes PC did not do it I assume it is a dell /mcafee issue. Dell gets Mcafee to add in some things I assume.

RE that privacy thread I have explained that all data extracted was by a standard tool that even I have allowed run and submit to Mcafee. I have asked Mcafee to confirm some things but really feel they do not sticky beak where they should not . Will update that thread when Mcafee techs surface.

re beta I have access issues with that address try

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Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

kenny83 wrote:

Then why don't MCAFEE THEMSELVES call it that in the about dialog?!?!

Hey guys season's greetings.  

The obvious reason is that Dell has a commercial deal with McAfee.    When we re-subscribe most folks will do so on the basis of convenience and probably ignorance (its easy and we don't know/care what else is out there so we simply pay up).  We cannot see that product name in McAfee's website so we must buy only through the Dell "affiliate" link.

I decided to look around this time and found this thread.  Saw a quick alternative in one of Tony's links and decided to go for it.  I went for "Total Protection" and bought at USD44.99.  I must remind myself not to elect to give my phone number to the sales people next time, because all I wanted to know was how to not have automatic renewal (a condition stated on the small print that I will get). What I got was to waste a couple of rounds of waiting and wasting time and then a big unwanted sales pitch to go for 3 years subscription at more than 3 times the price.  The guy made it sound like I have just made a bad decision not to agree to it.  Live-Chat by all means but do not give them your telephone number when requested and they will request it.

I asked if it was OK to buy via US and not to have automatic resubscription.  The response was "I can take care of that.... now.... how many PCs do you have and who.....blah blah blah".    I basically got other information I already knew and did not get the ones I didn't.  Again, making it seem I made a bad choice buying 1 year only and mentioning local taxes.  Mystery, fear, and ignorance.

Anyway... after purchase I found out that the guy never did what I asked about the auto-renewal, consequently I found out myself where and how to turn off Automatic renewal in my McAfee account. 


Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

The customer service FAqs would have shown u how to do that

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Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Well I spent nearly two hours joining this discussion group so I could write up my experience with SecurityCentre.  On pressing spell checker it just disappeared so I give up.  If you get this then 'hello' but I give up.


Re: Just what is Mcafee Security Center?

Rodney, welcome to the the forums.  This thread was about software titles and how they vary between packages and the 3rd party providers such as ISP's and PC makers.  If you are having issues best to start a new discussion rather than rehash an old one and give as many details as possible.

If you use the spellchecker don't forget to click it again to turn it off before trying to post, after errors have been corrected of course.

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