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JavaScript error trying to re-install Internet Security 2010


I'm getting the following error trying to re-install Internet Security 2010:

We're having trouble installing your McAfee software.  Please make sure you have JavaScript installed on your PC, and that it's working properly before continuing

Learn more by visiting the McAfee support website at

Please see attached.

I have tried working this via chat with no success.  All the Windows Updates have been applied.  I have run the McAfee removal tool (MCPR), the Mcpreinstall tool (MCPreInstall), tried creating a new Administrator account as suggested below, still no luck.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.



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Re: JavaScript error trying to re-install Internet Security 2010

So it thinks you haven't got Javascript installed on your system? Look in %system% for a couple of .dll files beginning with "js" (jscript.dll & jsproxy.dll). I only see those two but you may find others. If they are there, it could be that the installer is looking for them in the wrong place, or that the files are outdated or corrupt, or that you have incorrect registry entries .... there is a useful guide to fixing jscript errors at

Edit : I only suggest this because you say that the steps to solve the installation problem in the other two threads did not work for you. One of the technical team might have some more pertinent suggestions.

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