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Java Script???

May I have some help help here? I just downloaded the 2010 McAfee. I had the 2009 in and unistalled it before laoding the new one. Prior to the new one I was able to watch videos on YOUTUBE. Now everytime I try to watch one I get an error message from YouTube telling me that the JAVA SCRIPT is turned off. I cecked my internet options and it shows my Java Script is enabled. What has happened and can I fix this. I missing something here I guess. Is a McAfee settting doing this or something else? Anyone that can help I thank you now for the help.



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Re: Java Script???


This isnt a mcafee setting that is causing the problem rather a problem due to updates in flash players.

Please let me know the versiobn of your Internet Explorer?

Do you have the latest version of adobe flahplayer installed ?


Dinesh K

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Re: Java Script???


        Thank you for the reply. Here is what I have.

  1.( Internet Explorer 8

  2.) Adobe Flashplayer Active 10X

    I failed to mention when I sign onto AOL this happens when trying to watch the YOUTUBE video.

    When I go just open up my internet explorer and go to YOUTUBE videos will play. I guess that is what I'll do is go thriugh the explorer. Just couldn't get to the bottom of why it would happen when I signed onto AOL Thank You for your assistance.

                                  Scott H.

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Re: Java Script???

I had a Java Script problem after downloading McAfee. I had done a system restore, as usual I had to go to McAfee and reinstall my virus program.

McAfee uninstalled my old version and while this was taking place I was kicked out of the site.  I tried to go back in and was unable to sign in to any of my sites.

I got an error message that my Java Script was not enabled. When I checked  my Java Script it showed as ok. After trying many things to no avail, I uninstalled my IE8 and reinstalled it and I was able to sign in to McAfee and all my other sites. I also was unable to get my scanner to work after being kicked out of McAfee, still haven't figured out how to fix that problem.

Your problem sounded somewhat like mine.

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