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Hi All....McAfee detected the JS/Joke-shake PUP this afternoon and said that it was unable to remove it.  I was told to manullay remove it from add/remove programs.  It's not in there, but when I looked in my "restore" folder in the McAfee program, the file is listed in there as having been quarantined.  The original location was in the temporary internet files folder.  I'm now running a Mawarebytes scan and will run another McAfee scan.  If both come up clean, would you say that I'm ok?  I'm running Windows XP, Service Pack 3, IE 8, McAfee Security Center 9.15, Virus Scan 13.15 with the latest DAT.

Lately, McAfee has told me that several files/programs were infected and were unable to be removed but yet when I looked later, they were quarantined and subsequent scans came up clean.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: JS/Joke-Shake

With potentially unwanted programs(PUP) McAfee for some reason always gives that error message stating cannot remove. If you find that file in the quarantined list you should be good. I would also suggest running a cache cleanup program like ccleaner or McAfee's own QuickClean...

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