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Issue with McAfee Antivirus Plus

I've been having an issue with one of my programs I've recently downloaded "Steam" (which is used for playing games for those who don't know), but whenever I try to open the shortcut or the program itself, it won't open at all.  I checked on the Steam forums that says that the antivirus plus causes it to work incorrectly and I can't find anything on how to put it on the exclusion list.  How can I get the exclusion list to come up because I don't see it anywhere on the menu screen.  I cannot open it at all now and I can't find any other way to get it to work other than getting rid of McAfee all together (which I don't want to do since it's the only antivirus I have).  Please help because I do not know what to do.  Thanks in advance for any answer that is helpful to this situation.

Additional Information:

Steam does run in the background

McAfee Antivirus Plus is the only program I have downloaded that is known to interfere with Steam

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Re: Issue with McAfee Antivirus Plus

I also have the similar case, but what I did was I uninstalled Steam and used Xfire instead. This program don't mind having McAfee Antivirus Plus in your computer.

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Re: Issue with McAfee Antivirus Plus

Check in firewall properties and netguard setting and see if stream IP address is mentioned. I run it with no issues and its iP not bloacked here but worth a check.

Is the steam.exe file allowed in the firewall internet connection properties?

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