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Is this for real?!

I am hoping this question will shed some light on a rather fishy set of circumstances.

Today I got a call from a friend telling me that her McAfee virus scanner was giving her multiple warnings (she was not more specific than that unfortunately) and finally, yesterday, McAfee just disappeared. She called the McAfee tech support line and was told by McAfee tech support that her computer was just ridden with viruses and it was going to cost her $400 to fix. Thankfuly, she called me instead. I took a look at her machine, ran a couple different virus scanners and the reports turned up clean. In fact, the machine was in great shape... well, aside from the fact that McAfee self-destructed. On the surface, it was completely gone. I found traces of it in the registry and in the ProgramData folder but nowhere else.

Now, my first thought was that maybe it was a virus targeted directly at McAfee that took it out.... and then deleted itself.... I guess.

But every thought after makes this feel really fishy. McAfee suddenly has issues with its latest updates. Tech Support is telling a customer with a spotless machine that it is virus ridden. There are no traces of any virus that would have taken down McAfee. And finally my friend is nearly charged FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! to "fix" this issue.

I don't like to make accusations based on assumption but something seems amis. Thoughts?

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Re: Is this for real?!

Ok for starters Mcafee virus removal when you need to use them is $90 never ever $400. That sounds as if there is a fake AV on that PC pretending to be Mcafee. Where did she get the support number from the popup and if mcafee support she would have been offerred an SR job number was she and if so what was it?

She not with verizon by chance we mods have seen here some verizon users referred to a third party firm who the posters seem to think are Mcafee and charging them heaps.

Can you PM me her details ie email so I can alert the managers in Mcafee re this sounds very worrying.

If you can run the following

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

With stinger it needs redownloading each update. With getsusp add her or your email to the preferences.

Please keep me updated I want to get this sorted before more get this


on 17/09/12 10:26:15 EDT AM

Re: Is this for real?!

Certianly, I will PM you the details you requested. I do not have most of the details right now but I have left a message with my friend to get back with me with more information.