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Is a scam?

Is a scam?


McAfee Internet Security 2012 for 1 - 3 PCs is listed at $79.99

minus a $45 Instant Discount, minus a $20 Mail-in-Rebate [I

wonder who supplies it?], for an adjusted price of $14.99.

And this applies both to first-time buyers and subscription


At the top of the page, there are image files that say

"McAfee Authorized Dealer" and "McAfee Secure: Tested 08-JAN."

You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it

probably is.

I'm just worried that this is a spoof or a phish site.

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Re: Is a scam?

WOT doesn't like this site and a number of WOT reviews say it's a scam/fake site. Go to the site itself however and look at the SiteAdvisor rating, it says Green and there are no reviews pro or anti.

The reason for the WOT dislike is probably that this site has links to Winferno. McAfee did some kind of deal with Winferno to sell McAfee products, but Winferno sell other products which have, shall we say, a somewhat mixed reception among the user base. I've looked at this outfit in the past and I won't say anything about them. At all.

The site you are asking about is probably okay. Probably.

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Re: Is a scam?

I have also seen this site and have found it bias to other products it offers. Thanks for clearing that out by the way.

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Re: Is a scam?

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Re: Is a scam?

Web of Trust (WoT) doesn't like it.   It is quite clearly not a McAfee website anyway but belongs to Winferno who sell all kinds of software.

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