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Is McAfee really any better than Norton?

Up until April this year I was using Norton, but got disillusioned with the product and the performace sapping affect it was having upon my PC.

The dreaded 100% CPU usage problem was the final straw.

Norton support didnt offer a solution and the internet was full of people afflicted with the same symptoms

So I cancelled my subscription to Norton after 3 years of on/off performance related issues and took up McAfee instead.

Initially it seemed to be better but in the last 5 or 6 weeks I've been noticing odd things happening.

Things such as PC failing to  boot up, getting stuck at the logon screen, icons being refreshed at a rate of 1 per every 3 seconds, web pages taking 20 sec to load. Seemingly fine one day but absolutely lousy performance the next - in short an exasperating technical experience. And to cap it all cpu usage roaring away at 100% for no apparent reason even when there are no windows open

Even in the dark days of Norton I never experienced anything like this.

Have McAfee released a duff update? It was certainly never like this at the start of April

In it's present state my laptop is almost rendered unift for use.

And yes I have scanned my laptop for virus - it is clean and always has been.

Is this a case of the prevention being almost as bad as the disease?

Anyone else having similar issues?

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Re: Is McAfee really any better than Norton?

This sort of discussion is best suited to an independent forum not one belonging to McAfee (or Norton) but I think you will find that any software, no matter what it is, gives you problems from time to time.  It's unfortunate but a fact of life.

As long as the problems are dealt with eventually is the important thing I guess.

From reading Norton's forums I would say both Norton and McAfee have their share of crises.

At least there is support for the product whereas some software I've had over the years appeared to have no support whatsoever or one that is very difficult to get anything out of.

If you are hoping someone from McAfee will admit to problem updates here then you'll have a long wait.

These forums are mainly peer-to-peer support.  However, a forum search should provide you with results showing that you aren't alone.

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