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Level 7

Is 2010 the same as 2011

Hi, I have a 3 user Total protection 2010 from a xmas present that has not been used.  Question ? Is the 2010 total protection the same as the 2011 total protection package.  By installing the 2010 will is become the lastest version?   Reason i ask is that when ever you see antvirus reviews  ( latest pc world )  etc, they exclude Mcafee or note that its not a yearly program, and more like a program thats updated all the time.

Thank you

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Level 12

Re: Is 2010 the same as 2011

I believe when it is ready to be rolled out you will be upgraded to 2011.At least that`s what happened to me when i had 2009.

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Level 21

Re: Is 2010 the same as 2011

Yes, as long as your subscription is current you will auto-upgrade to the next version.   The 2011 product is still being beta tested.

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