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I use McAfee Total Security for my desktop and two notebooks. I had an intruder one day and was asked to mark it as Friend or Intruder. I marked as Intruder of course. I saw that the IP address of the Intruder was identical to my router address except the router last digits are 1.1 and the Intruder was 1.101  MCAfee support sent me a tool to remove the network and then I reinstalled it and all traces of the intruder icon were gone. I did notice when I restored the second notebook to the network, the IP was 1.102. (I did not take note of the first one).Now they are labeled with the individual computer's name and friend label.. no IP.

When this happened, the network page showed the icons were of my desktop, both notebooks and the intruder.

Can anyone explain to me what happened and did I have a real problem?

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Re: Intruder

Hi sylg,

The main Network Manager screen of McAfee displays a graphical representation of the network map on all computers, showing all devices attached to the network.When you try to check the status of managed computers on the network, one of the following messages may be displayed:

The computer is not a member of this network.
The computer is an unmanaged member of this network.
You haven't been invited to join this managed network yet.

You might see one of these messages when the McAfee software on the primary or authoritative computer is reinstalled, because previous network management data might be lost. Since you have used the network tool and cleaned the network and  moreover if you don’t find any unknown computers in the network , you should be alright.

Dinesh K

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Re: Intruder

Hello Dinesh,

After I re-installed the network, there were no PCs there that were not mine. I just wondered how that intruder even got on since I am using Linksys Router with password protection. I have changed my password as a precaution. I have been using this router for several years. Thank you for your response.


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