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Internet Security un-installation

Hello everybody,

     I received my brand-new all-in-one lenovo monoblock PC with McAffee Internet Security product preinstalled. It was kinda unfriendly to me as well as it simply forbidden too much of operations I wanted to perfom. It simply blocked a content of my local social network I got used to use for years, Hence I decided to uninstall this package and for now I'm using "Security essentials". After a few weeks I figured out there is something wrong to my system. A few days of investigation revealed the following(Please see a screenshot attached). It confused me a lot since I'm not able to setup several application packages after I began experience this problem. It simply results in a "Internal error 2738" during application setups. Yet I cannot delete this registry key in order to re-register vbscript engine.

Best regards, Alexander Chernyaev.

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Re: Internet Security un-installation

Hi Alexander,

I'm assuming it was the consumer product you had installed as the following doesn't apply to any of the Enterprise ones.

Sorry you are having issues with the software.  The MCPR removal tool should be able to get rid of any remnants left in the system.

Run it and reboot immediately after it completes.  Sometimes it takes two runs to completely succeed.   It will tell you if it failed.


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