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Internet Security stuck updating

I Internet security on 50 computers in three locations and for almost two months I have had update problems on all windows 7 computers the few XP left all update fine. The all have version 14 I have one 15 that seems ok. Some computers stay on all the time other are shut down at night. every time I check them a third are stuck updating. I reboot computer and  manually update and then it says to close the program updates but nothing changes then I reboot manually update again it update to the date file the day it froze or wait and it updates itself.  Then it hangs again on different computers on different days. They all have security center 15.3 I can`t have fix these everyday. I have been using mcafee since the very early day of Dos and Windows 3.1 

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Re: Internet Security stuck updating

I have the same problem on 2 computers, both running windows 7 Ultimate.

I called tech support and did a complete removal and reinstall. The same problem happened almost immediately.

Did the same process as you, manual update, reboot. problem was still there.

What was disturbing was, if you didn't try to open Total Protection, a person would never know it is stuck in an update. I wonder how many people have this problem and don't know it.

Pretty sad that after a month, you still haven't received a reply to your post. This is the McAfee forum after all!

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Re: Internet Security stuck updating

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