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Internet Security 2010-Constantly having to "Fix" something or other

It's totally ridiculous.  3 computers on IS2010 and all have something to "fix" every time I log on. I've done tech support chats on all three.  Systemguard is always shut off on one, "Fix" turns it back on--til next time.  Firewall shuts off on another and "fix" fixes it for now.  On the third computer, it asked repeatedly to verify subscription but couldn't  verify, even tho it's good until 11/2010.  On last tech support chat, the rep remotely uninstalled IS2010 and installed a different version, which, I don't know, because version number is nowhere to be found.  This is a totally scaled down version and I STILL have issues with firewall havng to be continually "Fix"ed.  Can't wait until this subscription expires.  I've read other posts of "Fix" issues.  Does anyone have a solution that will permanently solve the problems, other than buying another brand?  Windows 7 Pro on Sony Vaio, Windows XP on Dell XPS and Windows Home Premium on Sony Vaio.

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Re: Internet Security 2010-Constantly having to "Fix" something or other

Hi kmartin2180,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused , This could be caused due to several reasons on the computer like;
* Incompleted updates
* Malware infections or
* expected keys not present

Can you please provide some more additional information on this like;
What is the type of internet connection you use ? (dsl/wireless/cable)
Do you have installed any other security software installed in the computer ?
Was the computer infected with any malware previously ?

Dinesh K

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Re: Internet Security 2010-Constantly having to "Fix" something or other

I have  windows xp, wireless broadband on a Dell laptop Inspiron 600m

I too am having the same problem. In this case it says firewall is set to open protection. when i go to configure it reads that it's on. When i set it to specific preferences it then turns it off. 

this is just one example, it keeps bringing up the same Fix error. I've already removed and reinstalled the McAfree.

my security center is 9.15

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Re: Internet Security 2010-Constantly having to "Fix" something or other

I have a Dell dimension 550 running XP with AT&T DSL connection and have had this problem for over a month.  It is MOST irritating and very hard to believe that with all that has been written on the WEB about the problem that McAfee doesn't seem to be able to come up with a solution.  I followed the steps recommended by their IT folks and it was a complete waste of my time and it did not work.  (Uninstall, re-install, etc., etc., etc.

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