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Internet Secuirty disables internet?


Directly after installing McAfee: Internet Security 2011 on my PC, it became unable to acss interent explorer.

Because it merely acted very slow upon start up and I thought the CPU might be maxed out, I checked.  System is 95% idle.  And after several hours, the window remains unchanged, just the blank window and the word "Connecting..." in a tab, not even the home page url to speak of.

This was never a problem before the Internet Security was installed and happened seconds after installation.

If nothing else, I would like to uninstall my product with the gurantee I will be able to REinstall it without using up one of the other "3 PCs" in the 3PC pack.

Much thanks,


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Re: Internet Secuirty disables internet?

I just saw this Amanda, but installation problems aren't my forte I'm afraid. Either Ex_Brit or Peacekeeper will help you when they come back online : they've got more knowledge of this sort of thing than I have.

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Re: Internet Secuirty disables internet?

No other AV program or firewall installed?

First try resetting IE to default.

If no go try the uninstall reinstall path maybe use Firefox if ie still an issue

1. run MCPR removal tool as per

2. Reboot run Mcpreinstall

3. Reinstall the reinstall should not take another licence if it does the chat techs can fix your account.

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Re: Internet Secuirty disables internet?


Please follow the below steps before re-installing McAfee.

Close all opened windows and open McAfee >> Firewall >> Settings and click on Restore Default button and try to access internet.

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