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Internet Explorer Slow After McAfee Install

I installed McAfee Antivirus Plus a few weeks ago and ever since then Internet Explorer is extremely slow.  It worked fine before the install  Downloads are not a problem, IE is just crawling.  I uninstalled Site Advisor hoping this would help but no luck.  Firefox works just fine.  What is the problem with IE?  Is it the the AV, Firewall, something else?  Here are my vitals:

WIndows XP SP3



IE version 8

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Re: Internet Explorer Slow After McAfee Install

Having 1Gb of RAM isn't really enough. If you can increase that to 1.5 or 2Gb that should give you increased performance.

Using Windows disk clean-up utility regularly will get rid of a lot of temp files, and setting IE to delete your browsing history on exit will help, but you also need a program like CCleaner to get rid of a lot more. And run chkdsk and defrag, of course. That's just Maintenance 101.

Go into IE-->Tools-->Manage Add-Ons, look for anything that's slowing down IE - toolbars and Browser Helper Objects are often to blame for sluggish IE performance.

In IE-->Tools-->Internet Options, click Settings under Delete Browsing History and make sure IE has enough memory allocated to it for storing temp files (it should be between 50Mb and 250Mb). IE can check for updated copies of cached pages automatically, whenever you visit a webpage, or once at IE startup (or never, although I wouldn't recommend that).

There are various tweaks you can run, depending on how confident you feel about changing settings. See for a starter guide.

If IE settings have been changed, resetting to default settings might help, although this is recommended by Microsoft "only if the browser is in an unusable state". That's because you have to go in and make any changes all over again. I did it once and the increase in performance was dramatic.

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