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Installing a keylogger

I have a teenager that is going through websites and chats that I know is inappropriate. I also have a few other kids that use this computer and because of them I can't block off the computer completely.

I have taken the teenagers facebook account away, but now I'm told she started a new "secret one".

What I'm looking for is a keylogger that you know of that I can use with Mcafee. Every logger I download and try to install Mcafee flags and instantly blocks and removes. Is there a logger that I am able to use?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Installing a keylogger

Hey Jonno,

We don't have any key logger program in McAfee. However, you shall try out McAfee Family Protection program which would fulfill all your needs...

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Re: Installing a keylogger

Hi Jonno,

If you have McAfee Total Protection installed on the machine you can use the Parental Controls tools to block altogether - that way your teenager would not be able to access any accounts on facebook.   If you have multiple children that are using the computer you can set up individual accounts and set the protection how you see fit for each account. You can block web sites by category (i.e.: Adult,gambling, etc) by age group or specify site that you want blocked.  If you do not have Total Protection you can use McAfee Family Protection which is a stand alone parental control product.

Hope that helps,


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