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Installation problem


I already have Internet Security Suite installed on my laptop. The subscription will end soon so I bought new version of Internet Security. I successfuly downloaded small installer and run it, provided my credentials, select new subscription and select full install. And on next dialog I got "Unexpected error. Error accessing to server. Please try again". This is not an exact error text because I got error in Russian.

How I can fix it and finally install new version of Internet Security?

P.S. My system is Win 7 Home Premium.

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Re: Installation problem

hi there

You have purchased the same suite Internet security suite, which you had earlier , so rather than uninstalling and reinstalling if you still have the older version installed or If you have partial installation [ie any component of McAfee installed ] , please follow the instructions here that should help in merging the current subscriptions back to your PC and fix your issue .

If you have uninstalled McAfee altogether and attempting a new install , please follow the below steps;

Check for any other security software installed on the PC and uninstall the same from control panel / programs & features in Win 7

Then, run the MCPR tool from here and restart the PC

Run McPreinstall tool from here :

Logon to your McAfee account and redownlad the software