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Installation Problems


I am trying to isntall mcafee internet security, however when i do it it automatically activates with my old account and wont let me change it, i have ran virtual technican and tried removing using mcpr twice then installing again but still does it.

is there a way i can make it forget my old details so i can use the new ones?


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Re: Installation Problems

This document from McAfee will assist you in installing your software.

Then try to run the McAfee Preinstall tool which does a few things to prepare your computer for installation.

Are you trying to install from a cd or online?

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Level 7

Re: Installation Problems


Yes ive tried the first one but not the 2nd one yet so il try that tonight.

Im trying to use a cd however i have tried downloading it aswell

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Re: Installation Problems

That’s always good to run MCPR tool be fore we reinstall McAfee applications, along with that please navigate to the below locations and delete if you find any McAfee files/folders

If you are using XP :

Ø  C:\program files\ & even in common files

Ø  C:\Documents & Settings\All users\Application data

If you are using Win vista/7:

Ø  C:\program files\   & even in common files

Ø  C:\program data\All users\Application data

Run the 2 nd link (Mcpreinstall tool) posted above : that would delete temporary files & McAfee cookies stored in the computer.
Try reinstalling the programs from your account page and let me know if you still face any issues.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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