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Installation Issues

After installing McAfee Internet Security for the mcafeesetup.exe, I reboot to see it uninstall then on the next reboot it reinstalls.

After I finally get done with the crazy install, my network takes mcafee a long time to scan before finally connecting a minute or two later showing renewing ip address in the taskbar.

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Re: Installation Issues

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Internet Security has been installed, so is this a problem with connecting to the internet?

Re: Installation Issues

Only on startup it takes a long time to scan the network. When I add a pvn program such as hamachi, it takes even longer to scan the network on startup.

When I installed on a Windows 7 system, it did not uninstall on the next reboot like it did on Windows XP SP3.

Re: Installation Issues

1. The reinstall is I assume because you have say Malwarebytes or similiar installed and when it was detected you chose Skip and continued with the install. there reinstall issue been around for a while I was the first to report it ages ago. it id disconcerting but not a big issue. I will rebring it up in our monday call.

2. The Mcafee install has an issue that is about to be fixed in that it cannot detect the internet gateway . Sometimes the detection comes in 1-2 minutes others have to repair their network connection. When it happens check your network is the gateway showing?

Re: Installation Issues

You are right, I did choose skip when the install found Malwarebytes. The gateway is showing in the router but detecting the network seems slow. When will the fix be ready to detect the gateway?

Might want to tackle the Malwarebytes issue while you're at it. I only use Malwarebytes for periodical scans in case of emergency. Don't run it in the background.

You hit the nail right on the head Peacekeeper!


Baltimore Bullet

Re: Installation Issues

I remove malwarebytes then reinstall it after mcafee installed and rebooted.

I will mention that  again about time it was fixed.

the net fix is Tuesday for AU and Japan/Korea and US/uk 2days to 6 days later. The release if it happens then will be throttled ie 10% of so each update. This lowers load on server.

Re: Installation Issues

Thanks Tony,

Keep me posted on the fix.

Re: Installation Issues

Too hard for me to update all threads follow this 1 for updates

Re: Installation Issues

Tier 2 Mcafee support seems to be downplaying the issue and performed a workaround enabling the windows firewall. Will be looking forward to a permanent fix this week. Support will not confirm a fix this week to permanently fix the issue.

Re: Installation Issues

Well they told me this week a staged release. Will double check now.