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Installation Issues with Total Protection 2012

I bought the Total Protection 2012 a couple weeks ago. I installed the software and even ran a scan because I believe I have been phished. Everything seemed fine but today it says my subscription has expired. I checked my Security Center and it is showing my 2011 which expired in July. I registered it and everything but it is not showing at all. I don't know what to do. It won't even load on my other computer. I can't bring up the installation page. Should I return the disk and get a new one? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Installation Issues with Total Protection 2012

Oh I should mention it is the 3 computer protection.

Re: Installation Issues with Total Protection 2012

First no PC it is installed on is the same name as this really messes things up.

Secondly run the removal tool (windows) and then the MCPR mcafee removal tool. reboot and run

The tools are available here

Do this on all Pcs your are updating.

If still an issue contact customer service in the useful links tab above and they will help you. You may need to do a subscription repair. They can assist there.

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