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I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

I've been a McAfee user for many years now.  I've been working in Information Technology for 12 years and I've used McAfee products at work and I use it at home with the Total Protection service.  This is my 3rd year now with the Total Protection and with every new update, I get more and more frustrated.  Needless to say, I know my way around computers - Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, I've worked on them all.

Do you know how frustrating it is to boot up a really fast machine, get to the desktop with everything fully loaded (we all know Windows can be slow to boot with every program and its mother needing a service or program to run at Startup these days) and STILL have issues just opening my *&#$^S-ing browser?  McAfee services continue to load well after the tray icon loads.  12 services for your app.  TWELVE!  Are you kidding me?  Do you really need to build an app that needs 12 services to run on startup and continue to load well after the desktop is loaded?  When the desktop is loaded I want to go and do what I need to do, not sit around and wait for your application to finish loading its' services just so I can go online.

You know how many times McAfee downloads an automatic update and the next time I boot up my machine, it locks up Chrome, Firefox and even sucky IE from even loading anything?  Happens after EVERY SINGLE UPDATE!  Heaven forbid you actually let a user with Admin privileges shut down the services to free up the crash because loading the Agent application crashes too when this happens.  So the only thing left to do is to RESTART MY MACHINE AFTER I JUST BOOTED IT UP!  And to top it all off, I can't even restart the machine, I have to press the power button and shut it down that way, risking damage to open files.  Are you kidding me?

I have a 300 gb hard drive for my data.  I don't really need a whole lot more than that, so I go for speed over size.  It should not take 12-14 hours to scan the hard drive for viruses.

I use video cards with Nvidia chips - great for gaming, however your product has issues with the drivers.

Don't get me wrong, I think the actual security components do a great job of protecting the system.  Since I've had the product, I haven't had a serious infection and spyware is virtuall non-existent.  I still use 2 other products just to make sure, but overall, my computer is well protected.  I have children so the Site Advisor service and parental controls help me a lot.  It's all the other crap that goes with it that frustrates the heck out of me.

I've never called support, I don't need someone to remote access my machine or tell me that I need to reinstall the product.  Reinstalling software only works when something is corrupted in the registry or has corrupted files anyway and that rarely happens, besides if necessary I can do that myself.

I've searched the forums and have seen the issues with the Service Host, long scan times and other issues and have also seen a lack of response from support.  I've seen where the only fix seems to be to reinstall the software.  If I had to reinstall every server product where I work and there is a crash, I'd be out of a job.

So, I'm simply posting here to tell you that I am done using your product.  I stopped using Norton for anything because of the same issues.  It's time to move on to something that is just as good at protecting my computers and network, but doesn't cause the issues that your product seems to do on a regular basis.  Being in IT, I talk to a lot of people.  I'll never recommend your software again.

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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer


I hate seeing posts like this.  But all your comments are duly noted.  The Security software industry has a lot on its plate these days, trying to keep up with the evolving malware landscape; the quickly changing environments / OS's / browsers, etc.  And then there are the other needs, like Family Protection and Data Backup.  It used to be a simple proposition:  load up McAfee Anti-Virus, period.  Now, as you've noted, we're doing a lot more in regards to 'Protection', thus the additional Services and system demands.  It's a balancing act between breadth of Security coverage -and- system demands.

I know you've stated that you're moving on, but did you try a customized installation?  It's an option you see when you first install Total Protection.  You can opt to only install the components you really need for basic protection, thus reducing the demand on system resources? 

If you're willing to stick around for another go, I'd be happy to provide you a free McAfee Express Set-Up Service from one of our premium Service Technicians, or perhaps a free PC Tune-Up - your call.  I'd bet we could get you to an optimal and secure state again.  Either way, hope to see you back this way again!

Product Manager, McAfee Consumer Software
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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

Why you have been a McAfee customer for that many years is beyond me.  In this community where I service computers, McAfee has plagued pretty much every tech that I know.

I urge anyone who reads this to stay away from this substandard software.

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McAfee Employee

Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

And Wiczjr - why you're here on the McAfee software forum, throwing flames around, is also beyond me!?  Don't you have some computers to go service?  Seriously, we welcome people with real issues and try to fix them.  Better yet, we welcome people who come to the forum and try to help fellow customers with issues.  But bomb-throwers find no friends here. 

Product Manager, McAfee Consumer Software
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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

I'm not throwing bombs, and I'm sorry you took it that way.  I'm just citing facts.  I came on here to vent about your substandard software, and possibly give you folks another chance.  POSSIBLY.  I've pretty much discredited your software to every customer that comes into the shop and around the community, so it might be hard.

The fact of the matter is, your software doesn't work.  The only reason why you're in business is because of your heavy advertising and big box store contracts and purchase incentives.

Plus, the whole 'shady RAT' thing was the final nail in your company's coffin.  Smoke and mirrors.  Time to get real.

Your company is a buren for computer consumers.  Myself and many other professionals feel the need to spread the word.

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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer


I could understand your frustration is might be because of the issue that you had with the software . Instead If you could let us know if you have an issue with McAfee programs , our technicians could help you proceed in the right way an get in resoled for you rather than ranting at support .


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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

Last time I use Mcafee too!

Fed up with updates and scans affecting performance and PC running ultra slow. I only renewed on the basis that when I had issues on two occasions a year ago, brilliant tech support remotely accessed my pc and sorted it out. Since renewing I've had cause to visit Technical support three time and all they do is refer to the virus removal team even though no check has been made to establish what's wrong and there's no evidence of a virus.

I might just remove Mcafee and upload AVG. Losing a few quid is preferable to having a useless anti-virus and slow pc.

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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

Did you follow Peter's suggestion in your other thread of submitting the file to virus total? Also load and run the file he suggested. Re scanning if you have 2011 version you can exclude large folders of pictures etc from the scans.

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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

Two weeks now using DELL Support, had a year support package, and I am completely fed up with my computer.  It has taken up most of my days for this period and I have had to do two complete restores!   The first after many days of them working on it and allowing me to try it out!

I have nearly loaded everything back on ACCEPT McAfee Total Protection.

The Technicians have taken over my computer and tried everything to cure the Blue Screen (even sent out a new chip) and then the Black Screen on re-boot with all the countless error messages inbetween.

I have been a McAfee user for 15+ years but this problem has just about tested every inch of patience. 

I am now running my computer with Microsoft Essentials to see if that works without errors and tech will call me back on Tuesday.  (I asked if they have had the same issues reported and the answer is 'Yes'.)  In fact i am too scared to re-install McAfee as I do not want to do a third re-installation.

So I cannot go into details about what has and what has not been tried but I know the techs have tried a lot!  Including a manual removal of McAfee after trying all the un-install tools, etc.  It seems at the moment it is all pointing towards McAfee has the problem.

I would add my machine is run very basically!  I have only the programs loaded with the computer and besides McAfee Total Protection because it failed to detect Malware (?) I left installed MalwareBytes that DELL support used to get rid of malware? (I don't know a bug from a virus) and this I run weekly just to check my machine.

So apart from what was installed on my Inspiron 530s - I really use it what would be for some very basic.

By the way many years ago I had a problem and tried to solve it through Chat Online with McAfee.  He told me to go into the Registry and delete something - I asked several times are you sure that I should do... He said 'Yes'.

Next I had a computer that just shut off and could not be started again!  Many, many phone calls later and proof of the transcript McAfee had ot pay to get my machine up and running again.

SO............  I can't tell you what has been tried my the DELL Techs but all I know they have spent hours trying to resolve the issue before asking to do complete re-installions.  They have had nothing to gain by taking so long.  Me - I could not have tried all what they did and without the 'paid up front' support it would have been cheaper to buy another computer.

So it seems I will not be re-loading McAfee back on to my machine and my sub does not expire until 2012.

What a shame that we cannot buy these programs and allow them to work - not have to work out why they can't work!  Surely it should be put in black and white do not use etc, etc with this program. 

Mind you given my simple way of using my machine it should not be so difficult to establish the rules!  Sorry I am getting really cross now because I have also thought it is wrong of McAfee to call their program TOTAL PROTECTION - nothing is totally foolproof  and they have proved it.  Cal it 99.9% Protection maybe - but for someone like me it gives false security.

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Just thought I would look in again and found myself finding information about a Fake Alert Stinger.  I had to get help before with a Virus? coming in giving me a warning that I had to contact DELL because I had a serious hardware error - which turned out to be a virus and false.  So why isn't this program in Total Protection?

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Re: I'm really tired of the issues - McAfee you lost a longtime customer

Make that 2 customers.  I had a stupid "Security Protection" hijacker try to take over yesterday and McAfee Total Protection could not do anything about it.  "Security Protection" prevented my Task Manager and Restore from working.  I booted in Safe Mode and ran a full scan again, and once again McAfee found Nothing.  Why did McAfee remove the Boot / Startup scan??? 

I got on my other PC and searched the McAfee site for help, if its there, I couldnt find it.  They wont provide a general email address anymore, unless you want to purchase, plenty of emails for Sales.  Hey, you got a virus? $90.00 and McAfee will take care of that right away.  Whats the point of paying for a yearly subscription when everything leads back to the home page where you have to pay for an online expert??  Sorry Product, sorry support.

So anyway, I had to just do the Restore in Safe Mode, and it appears as if its gone, but who knows McAfee couldnt find it when it was showing up.  I downloaded Spybot again for the first time in years, once this subscription is over, Im gone.

Hope you can see my avatar pic, shows the "0 issues found"  Good Stuff McAfee, I only spent a day on fixing this and going through the registry, should I bill you for $90.00 becasue your Total Protection, Totally Fails!!