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I'm not getting the new UI update


I have downloaded the free 6 month McAfee Internet Security subscription from Facebook, but am not receiving the new UI update. How can I force this update? It's been about a week now, and I still have not received the update. Does the Facebook subscription version get this update?

Thank you

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Re: I'm not getting the new UI update

I would assume it is different some as partners delay patches and version updates till they QA them themselves. What affid no does yours say in the about area?

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Re: I'm not getting the new UI update

I remember this. It was a promo. Smth like: create acc on facebook & get MIS free for 6 months. Probably build with facebook logo not ready or they will never  add this on release server.

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Re: I'm not getting the new UI update


To force the update you can try reinstalling the McAfee from AU server CLICK HERE  and check you are getting the latest version (a try)

Before reinstalling the McAfee, you have to use the below McAfee Removal tool to remove the McAfee program followed by removing the McAfee from Control Panel if listed

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