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I fixed it... So far. (Deactivated mcafee and problem with reactivation)

So i had some problems. I wanted to go to sleep at 1 but having a strange error that my subscription was invalid i had to try and fix this as it was in fact valid, and having a lot of days of valid left in it.

So after hours of reading, testing, reinstalling, ect i finally discovered that it had something to do with my IP address. For some reason the computer name i had registred was confused, it would say that it is renewed on the web page but not on the computer.

I thought that it was strange that the two could not connect to eachother. Then i remembered that for some reason my networking at home was equally f'd up due to having my ethernet cable connection trying to connect to the internet throught a rotuter that does not connect to the internet, and that windows was complaining about it because i didn't have multiple dns's when it could see multiple dns's which was useless because only one works with the internet (fixed that yesterday). Anyways the thought appeared that perhaps i needed to register the computer as a compleatly new machine to Mcafee even thought it was not. Due to my messed up network doing odd things. Anyways it worked, yay. 

So the moral of my story, sometimes Mcafee isn't the thing messing up your sleep, but rather something that is messing up mcafee by accident.

Also if any one else has this problem, it might be a good idea to try if your having a simmilar issue.

Lastly avoid having multiple routers on your home network or your going to have a bad time Smiley Frustrated

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Re: I fixed it... So far. (Deactivated mcafee and problem with reactivation)

Thanks for posting and glad you are OK now.

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