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I cannot access my FTP.

Hello. I'm new to this site.. Well, see. I was on Google, trying to find the solution and I found this place, so hi!

Anyways. I don't exactly know what happened, did McAfee update, or something? I restarted my computer, and everything was fine. Then it started asking for permissions for Java updater, Google Updater, Peerblocker, all the stuff I have. I clicked accept to all of them, thinking it was a little weird, but I wasn't too concerened. I went about my day having to add permissions and blocks all over again today, but it wasn't a big deal.

Now, see. I went to go update my website via FTP folder, because it was just something small I wanted to add. Well.. Boom. It kept asking if explorer.exe could connect to the internet, then it would say my FTP timed out, then I would click accept on the block, try to relog into the FTP, and it would just block it, time out, then I would have to click accept on the block again. It keeps doing this, as if I'm not allowing it access. <_< Any help?