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I can't reactivate my McAfee Internet Security

I had deactivated a McAfee license for my laptop and when I try to reactivate it it pops up a web page that tells me that my account doesn't have the subscription for the software. I'm sure that the software is correct for the subscription that I have and I still have an unused license.

It started when my brother got a new computer. He didn't uninstall or deactivate the McAfee subscription on his old computer and when he installed McAfee on his new computer it deactivated the McAfee that was on my computer. I logged onto the McAfee website and deactivated the account for his old computer but the subscription for my computer still didn't work so I deactivated it for my computer and reactivated it. I did that a few times because it continued not working and now it won't even activate. Instead I get the problem that I listed in the first sentences above. Also my computer is listed several times on the online computers list under my account, all deactivated, so that might be part of the problem.

If anyone has a solution for this problem it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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Re: I can't reactivate my McAfee Internet Security

Telephone Customer Service via the link under Useful Links at the top of the page and I am sure they will sort it out.  The call is free and they are open daily from 6am - 6pm Pacific time.

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