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Re: How to stop McAfee from opening browser at start up

Same problem. Have been there a solution for this?

Mcafee extension is installed and on every startup it pops safari browser and opens extensions tab.

I tried deleting /Library/LaunchAgents/com.McAfeeSafariHost.plist


But every time you restart this file reappears and launches Safari after login.

Re: How to stop McAfee from opening browser at start up

I had this problem for several days after installing McAfee on a new mac. Safari would open up and show me the Extensions tab of the Preferences window every time my mac started up.

What eventually solved the issue was checking the box next to the McAfee extension in the sidebar of the Extensions tab. I don't know why, but all I can guess is it was waiting for a one-time user verification and kept opening up the window on start until it got it. Since I checked that box, McAfee has not opened Safari on startup again.

check the box.png

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Re: How to stop McAfee from opening browser at start up

Hi @BusinessFolk89 @virginiagardner @othernamen @janikackermann @xogiw 

Please refer this article TS102813 and update us


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Re: How to stop McAfee from opening browser at start up

I you're like me, and you don't want to use Site Advisor, the only way to stop it is to uninstall the Extension. Unfortunately, not a straight ahead procedure. The reason is you need to delete the application but the OS won't simply let you drag it into the trash because it is running. If you force quit in Activity monitor, it just relaunches. So, Terminal is your friend. Open the Terminal (in the utilites folder) and type the following command:

sudo rm -Rf /Library/Application\ Support/McAfee/MSS/Applications/

Hit return, enter your password and the application will dissappear. 

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