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How to report a hole in McAfee to someone?

I was on at 2:11 this morning just reading.  Only website that was open, only computer active on the network.  I wasn't clicking on anything, didn't even have my hand on the mouse.  Simply reading.  Suddenly, the website changed to one of those fake 'you need to have your computer scanned' websites and it began running something.  Several popups that were hard to get rid of.   I immediately go to McAfee to see what is going on to find out it was shut down!  I go to programs to open McAfee and open it and it immediately shuts down again.  I finally hit the switch on my router (secured with password and hardware firewall) to shut down the service.  Total elapsed time from intrusion to shutting down the router was less than one minute.  Opened McAfee and it opened fine.  Ran a quick scan and it found nothing.  Currently running a full scan and came back online.  Nothing in the logs showing intrusion.  I think this needs to be documented but don't know how to do so.  Does anyone know how to report or can anyone give insight on this intrusion?  Should I trust McAfee software can catch anything that downloaded to me... I was shocked that it could get in and actually shut down my McAfee software.  This is not good!

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