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How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Windows 7 64bit  /  McAfee (free with Dell)

How do I stop these interruptive McAfee popups! They are distracting me from my work, and if they can't be stopped I'm going to uninstall the utility? I did an Internet search and the solutions were all years old - Help Appreciated, IM

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Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Hi There,

We need some information,

  • Have you installed Service Pack 1?
  • Version of SecurityCenter with Build
  • Version of Internet Explorer with Cypher Strength
  • What kind of pop-ups you are receiving ? ( like Advts or Security relates information from McAfee )

Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Here is what I'm regularly getting:mcafee ad.png

Here is my "About" screen:mcafee about.png

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Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Hi Chris,

Those are McAfee advertisements send to users from our data base to relay important messages at times. The importance of these are - exclusive offers and important updates are delivered to our customers through these pop up messages .  You can choose Act later/Ignore so that they go away and unfortunately we don’t have an option to stop them as they are server controlled !


Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Dinesh- Thank you for participating. I for one won't accept this. I'm constantantly being interrupted when processing work related photography by these unwanted messages. I won't be using McAfee after the trial runs out, nor will my staff. Back to Kaspersky, By the way, when someone tells me something can't be done because the computer system is set up that way, it's quite infuriating. Sorry to be so stern sounding but this REALLY pushes my buttons - IM

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Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

You can vote on this issue here

We mods have mentioned this over and over to the marketing department that customers do not appreciate these pop ups.  We have not been able to convince them so voting on this issue might someday convince them otherwise.

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Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

I also feel they are a Dell iniative as well as several posters who are mentioning them state they are dell users and Dell is mentioned in the popup. You are not near the expiry date are you?

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Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Hi, I have a Popup from McAfee about "Family Protection" that appears on my screen no less than 8 times A DAY. It is so annoying it interupts my day and is verging on SPAM, please reply with a solution as I'm starting to look at other software and remove McAfee from all of our computers. P.S. this Popup started after I added a computer to the licence.

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Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Two questions

1. Did you exceed the number of computers your licence is valid for?

2. Is your PC a Dell and does the popup say Dell on top of the popup like the example above?

MY wife's PC is a standard licence and she never sees these ads. Ok when my licence was 1 mth and closer to expiry the ads and emails were a tad annoying .

If possible can you include a pic of the popup as we mods are actively chasing McAfee up re these and the affect they have on users.

Re: How to get rid of the McAfee Popups?

Hi Peacekeeper

Question 1. No (I can have up to 5 computers on my licence and I only have 2).

Question 2. Yes our computers are Dell however the popup is slightly different to the one shown above. (I'm located in Australia).

Also when the licence was coming up for renewal I received a few of the popup reminders, however, this current popup is so annoying as I don't want "Family Protection" and our renewal isn't due until sometime next year. McAfee is harrassing me to purchase "Family Protection" and I'm sure that this popup will continue until I purchase it (which I'm not going to do). This is SPAM and needs to be reported.

I'll post a copy of the popup when it appears later today.