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How to exclude Security programs from scan?


     I recently bought a dell and I got a free 15-month subscription to your product (listed only on my computer as "Mcafee Security Center" Virusscan is version 11.6). Since I probably paid for it I decided to put your product to the test, to see if it could stand up against MSE and AVG. The only problem is that I am getting into Information Security and your scan keeps hitting on my tools that I need to do my job. So I have a question, does Mcafee follow common sense and allow a place for me to exclude these programs and files? If so I can't find it anywhere in my product. I know MSE, Symantec, FireAMP (advanced malware product from Sourcefire), AVG, AVG-Free, ESET, Sophos, ClamAV, Malwarebytes, and the rest of the 45 or so Anti-malware products out there on the market DO include a section to exclude files from scans. So does Mcafee? Because if they don't this product is coming off my new system so fast...

Thanks for your time in advance!

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Re: How to exclude Security programs from scan?

You can exclude files and folders from a manual scan or a scheduled scan but NOT from the real-time (background) scanner.   That was a feature of the product about 8 years ago until the powers that be decided the average consumer isn't experienced enough to be trusted & would end up with badly infected machines as a result.  I wonder how many of those 45 or so products have full exemptions for real-time protection.  I know at least one does but it isn't an antivirus (Malwarebytes).   I think you are in error regarding at least Symantec Consumer products as they don't have it either.

It's still part of the Business/Enterprise products which of course involve bulk licensing, VSE or VirusScan Enterprise for example and is something we Moderators have been campaigning to bring back to the consumer product.  We've only been partially successful however.

All is not lost if you have enough patience to wait until the lab approves the software being detected.   THIS outlines what to do and usually works quickly.

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