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How do I select the right McAfee Product

I have been a UK user of McAfee for some time, using the enterprise grant from my husbands company.  He has now left the company, so I want to purchase a replacement.  However I am totally confused

Firstly there seems to be many web site pages with what appears to be the same product at different prices

McAfee Virus Protection plus

at  is shown as £43

at at £21.99

at at £31.99

One possibility seem to be that one is a 2009 version whilst another is 2010 version - but I can't seem to find how to find out what the differences are (since I am buying a years subscription with automatic updates why should the difference matter - won't I be automatically updated anyway?)

The second problem is

Do I need to upgrade to a better product?  I think most of the extra features are not important to me (my mail program is thunderbird which already has spam checkers and anti phishing tools)  - but one thing that I had in the security centre in my old version (which does not ever seem to have been upgraded - so is an old version) is a "QuickClean".  I can't find any mention of it in any product descriptions. Does that still exist and if so in which product?

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Re: How do I select the right McAfee Product

Go for the cheapest at as they are all the same, just that this one is on sale I guess.

It doesn't matter 2009/2010 label which is only packaging differences as they both will upgrade to the not-yet-released 2010 product when available, and will continue to do so provided your subscription is valid.

You will have to ensure that the Enterprise product is well and truly removed before attempting to install the home version.  Remove in the normal fashion and make sure by checking this:

The product includes defrag and Quickclean Lite tools.

I don't think you need anything more from what you have described.

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