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How do I run manual updates?

Here is my situation: Shortly after my kids turn on their computers, McAfee checks for updates (and does it every four hours according to the documentation that I have read). That slows it down a lot and the kids complain. I would like to disable this update and then cause it to update when I feel that the computer won't be impacted by this process. 

Basically, the same thing about when McAfee is scheduled to run a full scan. I can't predict when the computer will be on or off, so the internal scheduling of the full scan at 2:00 am on Sunday (or something similar) is meaningless.

In essence, what I am trying to do is replace the idea of them turning their computer off when they are done with a process that is started when they logoff. That process would check for updates and apply them, as well as start a scan, do backups, and whatever else. When all of that work is done, then it would shut the computer off.

What I need are "DOS" batch commands to 1) invoke the function of getting the updates (program or signature), and 2) Run a full scan on the local computer (no network drives).  I am running on XP/Pro.

My handle here is my email address on hotmail if anyone wants to reach me directly.

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Re: How do I run manual updates?

Hi dixr,

As we are aware that automatic upates delivers the latest protection against new threats, plus feature enhancements that keep your software running smoothly all the time, I would recommend scheduling the update options :

For this could you please let me know the version of McAfee installed in the computer as the navigation through mcafee is different with both versions. Open security center and let me know whether it says Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure . so as I could provide you with the concerned navigation.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: How do I run manual updates?

Security Center

Version: 9.15

Build: 9.15.175

AffId: 420

Language: en-us

Language Pack: 9.15.117

Last Update: 02/17/2010

Virus Scan

Version: 13.15

Build: 13.15.117

AffId: 420

Language: en-us

Language Pack: 13.15.108

Last Update 05/02/2010

DAT Version: 5970.0000

DAT Creation Date: 05/02/2010

Engine Version 5400.1158

Personal Firewall

Version: 10.15

Build: 10.15.106

AffId: 420

Language: en-us

Language Pack: 10.15.101

Last Update: 01/19/2010

I think that you still don't understand what I want to do, so I will try to explain it again...

I do not want to slow my computer down with the update process when it has work to do, and it seems that it wants to load and install new updates when the computer is first turned on. I want to be able to invoke the UPDATE and SCAN whenever I want to do it, which would be when the work on the computer is complete.

I have routines that automatically invoke certain system functions on my schedule when the computer is logged off. I want to know how to call your UPDATE and SCAN functions from my code so that I may add the McAfee scans to work that is done when the user doesn't care about the slowness of the computer - after he logs off.

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Re: How do I run manual updates?

Isn't it amazing how you can get an answer to an un-asked question?

This is an excellent question.  I did not realize that this option had disappeared. The closest I could find with McAfee Internet Secuirty 2009 was to "Notify me when update is available."

I have set up many computers with a scheduled night to update everything, backup, and preform mainteance such as defrag--while the user is sleeping. This does a lot ot speed up a computer when doing work.  The command line options seem to be disappearing. However, some programs do have a update command tucked away, but many requre user intervention to complete.

If you find an answer, pleas post it.

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