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How do I mark a file as "safe?"

I am trying to install a program I downloaded from CNET. They guaranteed the file as safe from trojans and spyware. I go to install it, and McAfee keeps deleting the program saying a "trojan" was found. I went to the quarantine folder, and tried to restore it, but it keeps deleting it. How to I tell McAfee this file is safe? No where can I find a setting that says "trust this program." I am using Total Protection 2010. This is pretty frustrating.


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Re: How do I mark a file as "safe?"

In case it matters, the file is ShellExView 1.47. This is the Trojan McAfee "found" 'Artemis!CB4F97FFE9EF'

When I click on it, I'm taking to McAfee's site, and they show no information on this trojan.

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Re: How do I mark a file as "safe?"

Ther's no way to mark a file as safe, most likly the detection you encounter is via the Artemis technology - you can post the full name of the detection here (example Artemis!BB00000000) and someone will take a look at it , if the file is safe , it will be whitelisted in short time.

Edit: You allready did that while i was posting

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Re: How do I mark a file as "safe?"

Could you please let us know the program/file name that you are trying to download from CNET

Re: How do I mark a file as "safe?"

Yes, I posted it above, it's ShellExView 1.4.7.


Re: How do I mark a file as "safe?"

I've got this Artemis detection as well using VSE 8.7 P3 on the same file, using DAT 6084, scan engine 5400, Artemis set to medium.

Aldrin, is the Avert Labs Virus research mailbox (sample submissions) open to all customer types or only enterprise customers?

The developers page for this file is here

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Re: How do I mark a file as "safe?"

i have the same problem happened, file with Artemis!276301CBDE54 found, and this cannot be found in virus list, pls check, thanks..