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How do I get rid of the Playbryte/Ibryte malware, please?

My computer seems to be infected with malware called Playbryte or Ibryte. I have eliminated it after an initial scan, but it reappears. It highlites and underlines certain words in my e-mail. When you hover over them, pop-ups for products and services appear. McAfee does not seem to recognize it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How do I get rid of the Playbryte/Ibryte malware, please?

Sophos, Avast and a couple of others call this iBryte; the rest call it Play Brite, and it's classed both as a Trojan and as Adware. You don't want this, but you already know that.

McAfee does know about Play Bryte, and there are two entries for it in the McAfee database :

see, which has lots of information about the files created and changed when this arrives. Unfortunately the entry omits to say what steps you need to take to get rid of it - a Mcafee Full Scan should do it, but sometimes you have to delete your saved Restore Points. The database entry should tell you if that's necessary; but it doesn't.

This is likely to be a new variant, if a McAfee scan doesn't detect it.

Microsoft also have full details about it, at

but they also helpfully suggest some ways to get rid of it. The Microsoft Safety Scanner should do the trick. If McAfee doesn't fully remove it, run that.

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