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How do I allow network camera access?

I have Wilife secutity cameras that are connected to the PC via a (proprietary) Homeplug network.  When the firewall of Total Protection is enabled, the Homeplug connector which interfaces with the computer can't initialize.  When I turn the firewall off, it does initialize and the cameras work.  Then, if I turn the firewall off, the cameras continue to work.  Besides the inconvienence, I really need the cameras to start up on a restart.  I have XP SP3.  The Homeplug network is recognized by McAfee as a local lan but I have virtually no control over how McAfee handles connections to it.  I can only choose Office, Home, ect. and I don't even know what that means in terms of how the system behaves but none of the settings work.  Anybody got any clues as to how to get McAfee to allow my cameras to work without dropping the firewall?  Maybe this is a clue for you.  I have not had any such problems until recently.