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How can I set up file sharing on my home network?

Siince McAfee did away with the wonderful Easy Network program, I have not been able to file share. I have the firewall to all IP adresses for my desktop and two notbooks by router and they all show as secure. I am able to print from my Dell notebook but the Compaq cannot find it. In Ports and system services I am able to add system service ports.I do not know what to input.

It asks for System service name, system service category and service description. I do not know what to put in there.

It asks for single service port numbers.

Local TCP/IP Ports

Local UDP Ports

Open ports to (and that would be PCs in work and home networks only)

Also under ports and system services I get a list if 14

(I did not include the numbers as I did not know if this would be a security issue)

Microsoft firectory server *MSFT DS) port #  Local TCP/IP Ports ###       Direcrory server Port

File transfer Protocol POrts #                       "       "          ##-##            FTP Server Ports

Mail Server (IMAP) POrt #                            "       "          ###               IMAP Mail Server Port

Windows file sharing (NETBIOS) ports #        "        "        ###-###          NETBIOS Server Ports

Network time Protocol POrt  #                      Local UDP Ports ###         Network TIme Protocol Port

Common Operating system ports (is checked) Local TCP/IP ports ####  Commn ports used by the windows operating system

Mail Server (POP3) Port #                             Loca; TCP/IP ###                POP3 mail server port

Remote desktop etc                                     Local   "    "   ####              RDP Port used for remote assistance, Terminal server and remote desktop

Remote procedure calls (RPC) port #             Local  "     "   ####                 RPC server Port

Secure web server (HTTPS) port #                 Local   "    "   ###                     HTTP Web Server Port

Mail server (SMTP) port #                             Local  "     "    ##                      SMTP Server Ports

Microsoft SQL Server (MSFT SQL) Port #      Local  "   "     ####                    Microsoft SQL Server Port

Universal Plug and Play (is checked) port #s Local  "   "    ####,#### Local UDP ports ####     UPNP Server Port

Web server (HTTP) port ##                             Local  "   "    ##                           HTTP Web SErver Port

If someone could tell me what to input in the system service names, categories and description I would be so thankful. Also which service port numbers need to be added for the notebooks.

I did install the print drivers in the notebook that will not print but that wanted me to attach the cable.

Thank you for any help that you may give.


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Re: How can I set up file sharing on my home network?


Typically, McAfee Personal Firewall will prompt you to accept or refuse an application's attempt to access the Internet. When you make your selection, a rule is created by the Firewall to enforce your choice.

The port number and Local TCP/IP Ports , Local UDP Ports , 'Open ports to' option would be mentioned in the applet (user guide) of your printer device as provided from the manufacturer and those are the information to be entered in the appropriate section.

Adding to this, verify that the application is not restricted by the McAfee firewall;

  1. Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
  2. Select the Web and Email Protection drawer.
  3. Click the Firewall Link.
  4. Select the Program Permissions drawer.
  5. Ensure that spoolsv.exe- Printer Spooler Subsystem is given full access , This allows you to print to a network printer

Also , in security center , under Ports & system services drawer, ensure that windows file sharing is enabled.

Please get back if you have any issues.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: How can I set up file sharing on my home network?

Thank you so  much for taking time to direct me.

Due to some stupidity on my part, I had to reinstall McAFee in my  desktop PC.

I did the above but on my desktop PC Ensure that spoolsv.exe- Printer Spooler Subsystem is  given full acces was not in the list. I thought because I had not printed anyting it was not showing so I reprinted your message then rebooted but it still does not show.

I have the Dell notebook trusted on this HP desktop and have the HP desktop trusted on the Dell.

When I opened the file sharing it was not checked so I did that and clicked on add which opened the next menu. It asked for a system service name, system service category and service description

The wanted the TCP/IP ports and Local UDP ports.

The ones listed are

NET BIOS ports 137-139 Local TCP/IP ports 137-139

Net work time protocol port is 123    Local UDP 123

Regards,  Sylvia

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