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How Does update work?


Just wanted to know how excatly Updates process work with McAfee product?


Nirmal Ramesh

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Re: How Does update work?

Not sure exactly how to explain that or exactly what you mean by how it works.   The latter would be in the realms of a trade secret I would imagine.

The products update silently every day unless they are set to notify you first or if updates are turned off (very unwise), so you need to have an internet connection.

VirusScan updates daily, sometimes more often, whereas other components update as and when needed and annually the product upgrades to the next year's version assuming the subscription is active.


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Re: How Does update work?

Hi Nirmal,

Technically answering your qn ; Updates are used to:

  • Keep DAT files current with new malware added to the detection lists.
  • Keep applications up-to-date to prevent compatibility issues between operating system updates and third-party applications, and to resolve functional issues.  
  • Install new releases which are used to update features, add new functionality, and increase the ease of use.

McAfee VirusScan DATs are normally updated daily, it is important to have these installed on your computer as soon as possible. In the event of a major virus outbreak, McAfee will release updated DATs ahead of the normal schedule.


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Re: How Does update work?

Hi Dinesh~

Since I'm still dealing with the issue discussed here:

and you responded in this thread, I was hoping to get some relief.  The advertizing harassment continues.  Your help would be appreciated.  If I have to call a real person next week I'll be a very VERY unhappy customer.


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