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Help with 2nd computer protection


I am not in the least computer literate so forgive this possibly being a stupid question. I recently extended my subscription for firewall/virus protection on my home office computer to cover two computers.

I cannot work out how to get it on my laptop. I cannot log into anywhere or cannot find where to go to extend this protection and am worried as currently running with no firewall or protection on the laptop.

Please help - I cannot seem to find anywhere to go and where asked to put my password, it tells me I dont exist. Please help with someone I can talk to or email??????????????

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Re: Help with 2nd computer protection

Sorry your post was spammed by another person yet missed by us.  Unfortunately we volunteers are spread a little thin and can't always get to everyone.  

Customer Service is always your best bet if you can't locate your software or have any account queries, they are available through the link under 'Useful Links' at the top of this page or HERE.

It's a free phone call, depending on your phone company of course, or online chat.

However your account download page should be here:

I'm assuming by now you've sorted out the problem anyway.

All the best.


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