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Help - cannot update McAfee

Hi everyone

Hope someone can help me.

I have a 3 user licence for McAfee and on one of my Pc's I am getting errors on McAfee - it all started yesterday with windows errors saying that Delivery Manager service had stopped working.

Windows suggested an upgrade which I applied.

Then I started getting problems connecting to the internet.

So I restored back to an earlier date.

then McAfee stopped working - couldnt fix itself due to errors and wanted to be reinstalled.

Now I cant get onto the internet at all on that pc.

I did manage to download Stinger and run that but still cant get onto the internet.

Running Vista home on the machine concerned.

Hope someone can help.


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Re: Help - cannot update McAfee

When you do a system restore, as with all Security software, it messes up the subscription database and you will need to reinstall McAfee.

You can download it from

Login in the top right of the webpage.

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