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Help: For Last 2 Weeks Updates Stuck at 33%...

As above...

Everyday I get a pop-up message saying my computer is at rick due to need to insatall updates.

I try and try and try but it ALWAYS stops at 33%

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help: For Last 2 Weeks Updates Stuck at 33%...


   I would like to know some information before we proceed further.

    1. Type of your Operating system with service pack details (Ex :windows Xp,Windows Vista ,Windows 7).
    2. Have you done any haradware changes most recently (EX Smiley Frustratedystem restore ,Reformate,.....etc).
    3. Are you getting any Malware or trojan alert. 

Have you try to run McAfee Virtual Technician if not please run the MVT and post the session ID.. Click here : McAfee Virtual Technician

on 3/9/11 4:32:09 PM CST
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Help: For Last 2 Weeks Updates Stuck at 33%...


You can try following the below steps once after running the McAfee Virtual Technician.

Step 1: Clear all the Windows Temp Files: - (Navigation: Click Start > Run >Type Temp) and clear all temp files.

Step 2: Clear all the Local Temp Files: - (Navigation: Click Start > Run >Type %Temp%) and clear all temp files of the local user.

Step 3: Clear all the Temporary Internet Files: - (Navigation: Open Internet explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Under General tab) clear all temp internet files & cookies.

Step 4: Then try updating the McAfee Internet Security.

Requesting you to provide us the “Session ID” of McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT):

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