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Has McAfee brought back logging and exclusions?

Both was removed and decided to check back in to see if either was added.

Wow at the new forums. Really not forums in my opinion lol.VBulletin was way better from what I have seen so far and the search on here is just horrible.

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Re: Has McAfee brought back logging and exclusions?

Hi Thunderrooster and welcome to the "Jive" community...LOL.  (That's the name of this host).

I'm inclined to agree with you but will be shot down in flames for saying it out loud.  It was McAfee's decision, so nothing we could do about it.  We are endeavouring to restore some of the features lost to vBulletin, and there are many that are missing or don't function correctly, especially in the moderation/administration fields.   I can't believe that this wasn't all vetted before the decision was made.

So we can publish documents and blog and send each other PM's, fine, but the spammers in particular will just love all the myriad new ways to ruin our day.

Well there has always been logging of sorts and it does work, sort of.   As far as exclusions go, no, it is still for PUP's only despite our frequent pleas, in the home products anyway.

We even got everyone to "feature request" it over at the beta website (those forums are still vBulletin but not for long from what I've heard) and no go.

Edit: how many posts did you have over at the old forums?    We had to get our count manually adjusted as suddenly most of us dropped to relatively no posts at all with the move.

We're looking for volunteer moderators by the way.

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Re: Has McAfee brought back logging and exclusions?

This looks like a kid forum or some kind forum meant for chat sites or something like that. Does not provide much function or searching capabilities. You will go crazy using the search on here lol. And I bet spammers love this kind of forum. Looks like it doesn't offer much security.

I remembered something about the logging and about the exclusions couldn't remember exactly. Reckon I'll download the trial and check it out. There was some other things that was taken out that I didn't like but cant remember them lol.

I am not sure how many posts I had in the old forum. Hundreds wouldnt doubt if I hit over 1000. I was a frequent poster and tried to help as much as I could. Just did a google search and pulled up a cached page and from there it said 708 posts.

Do not know if I want to be a mod. If I don't like the trial then it would be useless.

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Re: Has McAfee brought back logging and exclusions?

Regarding the post count they ditched anything beyond 2 years I believe.   Good luck and nice to see you posting again.