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Hard drive was stuck at 100% (now back to normal)

For information:

I installed the November 2018 Windows and Office updates for Windows 10.

A few hours later an automatic McAfee update arrived but its installation seemed unusually slow, creeping up to 10% installed, then no more. I left it alone and got on with something else and eventually the blue McAfee activity disc disappeared as though the update was installed.

Not long afterwards I noticed that the hard drive was running flat out all the time and Task Manager showed it at 96-100%, even when there was no obvious activity (the CPU and Memory were still normal).

I tried various solutions including restarting the computer, but the problem persisted.

I assumed it must be either the Windows update (KB4023057) or the McAfee update that was causing it.

I uninstalled KB4023057 and left it to settle down, but still the hard drive was up to 100%.

I then ran McAfee Virtual Technician.

It found one fault, which I already knew about, which was that Site Adviser service was turned off, but this was done intentionally several weeks earlier and had not caused any problems.

So I did not accept the offer to restart the service but closed Technician without making any changes (or so I thought).

But immediately after closing it the hard drive usage went down to normal (i.e. 0% except when there was activity).

I reinstalled KB4023057 and waited to see if the hard drive would stick at 100% again, but it did not.

I later checked for the latest McAfee update and this was installed normally.

So far there has been no recurrence of the problem.

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