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Happy With McAfee?

Seriously, is there anyone out there that is happy with their McAfee AntiVirus product. I get malware and trojans and exploits all the time and McAfee doesn't recognize any of it. My Microsoft Security Essentials which is free is what detects and takes care of them all so far. The program I have from McAfee came with the computer. I for one will NOT RENEW IT. I would appreciate what other users think.

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Re: Happy With McAfee?

You need to ask such questions on an independent forum not here on a forum hosted by McAfee.

No antivirus is going to catch everything out there anyway and nothing provides 100% protection.  So good luck finding such a thing.

What I will say though, you mentioned that MSE catches things that McAfee doesn't, that is always going to be the case, and it works the other way around too, McAfee will catch things that MSE misses.

You'll learn that with experience.   There are many tools around for fighting malware, just click the lower link in my signature for a few free ones.

You biggest barrier to malware is an up to date system, meaning all parts of it, even bits you may not use, and safe surfing and extreme caution when file-sharing, downloading etc..

If you are always getting infections then you are using unsafe methods.

Lastly, never have 2 antivirus applications (McAfee VirusScan, MSE) installed at the same time, they will clash and actually leave you open to infection.

That link in my signature suggests some software that can be used though, under 'Free 3rd Party Tools'.

Good luck in your endeavours.


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Re: Happy With McAfee?

Or, you can pay to have someone help you to get McAfee working correctly. Maybe they just couldn't justify raising the price of the software itself.

on 24/07/12 7:15:25 EDT AM
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Re: Happy With McAfee?

I have to agree.After years with McAfee I have decided to Try something New which I am Happy with.Although I still have a Valid License for McAfee Into 2013.It all depends on the user I guess.I personally have had Issues from the Beggining with Mcafee.Or should I say My computer did?Mcafee rates In the Middle of the pack from what I have seen.There are plenty of Places you can get Info from.Mostly the Independant TestersSuch as,Av Comparitives etc. As for Microsoft security essentials It actually did a bettor Job or Repairing Infections In most recent tests from Av Test. Although Mcafee rated a Full point Higher in protection.Mcafee comes with a firewall,Microsoft security essentials does Not,but is free.There are 3 or 4 very good Antivirus options out there If you want to buy.But in the end Peter is correct there is no Antivirus that will protect you 100% .....But there are a few that are Pretty Close.So IF you are in the market for something Just Google Independant antivirus testers.You will also want to keep in mind what you want in an antivirus to suite your needs.                 Good Luck

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Re: Happy With McAfee?

Every antiviruse product has it's cons and pros, some may be cheaper , some may catch threads better etc... You need to read all forums and reviews to find out which one fits Your specs. For me Mcafee is that solution...

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