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HELP! tons of issues with McAfee

Last night I installed McAfee on my desktop computer. It has windows XP, a pentium D processor, and is an HP computer. Its kinda old, and it has had a lot of issues, so it runs slow and does wierd stuff a lot. A few days ago our previous McAfee subscription ran out, so we installed Avast! hoping we wouldnt have to pay for a new subscription. By the time we downloaded Avast!, we already had a ton of viruses and Avast! did NOTHING to stop the virsuses from affecting the computer. So, yesterday we bought McAfee from Office Depot, and brought it home to put on our desktop and the laptop I am currently using (because the internet on the desktop is all screwy). McAfee installed and has been working perfectly on the laptop, but there were issues with the desktop since installation. Since there were already tons of viruses, I couldn't get online or even open the McAfee disk thing. Then I realized that if I right-clicked the McAfee disk-thing icon and did "Run As..." and put in the password for the chosen account, that I could get it to do the install thing. During the installation process, everything installed except site adviser. I decided to just let it go, because I know that site adviser is not the most important part of McAfee. Everything seemed fine through the end of the installation, and I began a full scan of the computer. Then I went to install it on the laptop, and realized that the installer-thing looked different on the laptop than it had on the desktop. I continued installation on the laptop and everything went perfectly. The laptop version of McAfee, however, looked totally different from the desktop one. Then, when I went to check the scan on the desktop, no viruses had been found. Even once the scan was over, no viruses had ever been detected. I knew there was something wrong there, because there were CLEARLY viruses all over the place. There were popups of fake anti-virus things and fake error messages, and internet explorer kept ranomly opening and going to or porn websites. So today I decided I should reinstall McAfee on the desktop because it didn't have site advisor. I followed the step-by-step instructions at: . Of course, once I got to the MCPR step, thing got messed up. First, firefox on the desktop wouldnt load the page with the download. So i downloaded it on the laptop and put it on a flashdrive which I then stuck into the desktop. I pulled out the file, and used it on the desktop. Every time I open it, it opens twice, and only one of the boxes it opens does anything. Also, once it starts it says "Error obtaining full permission for cleanup. Some products may not be fully removed." and once the thing gets done, it says "Incomplete Cleanup". So I went to the chat support thing on this website, and I was chatting with a guy about it. Eventually he remotely accessed my computer and started doing all this stuff to try to fix it. After like an hour, he basically said it was too complicated for him, and that he would contact "Tier-2" about it, and that they would call me or something. So I figured it cant be as complicated as he thinks it is, and I have been trying to fix it. Eventually I put in the McAfee disk I bought yesterday, and it again seemed to be installing everything correctly, but AGAIN it didnt install site advisor and it still looks weird. Does anyone have any idea whats going on?

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Re: HELP! tons of issues with McAfee

Are you certain the virus problem has been corrected? You may still have some issues in there. Try running McAfee Stinger and follow the suggestions in this document

What McAfee product did you purchase? Was it Total Protection or the Antivirus plus 2010?

This link should help you with the Site Advisor installation

Let us know if this works for you

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Re: HELP! tons of issues with McAfee

I would run the following as a test to see what is picked up. It sounds as if you are having a problem with trojans limiting access to AV sites.

Install, update and run the free versions of these two tools and let  them clean anything they find. Reboot if asked to.

Ensure before you install Mcafee ie remove it again that avast is fully removed. Site advisor will have issues installing via cd (Microsoft changed something that reacts we are told) so try:

You can install all bar SA and then go to your account and install SA only that may work.

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