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HELP: Windows XP won't boot "EpePC has been corrupted (error 92h)"

Please help me !!!

I shutdown my PC normally. Normally I just leave it on all the time, but yesterday I decided to shut it down and what do you know happens when I go to boot it up, it says, "EpePC has been corrupted (error 92h)" and won't boot.

I have Windows XP. Apparently this has something to do with McAfee's Endpoint Encryption software, but I don't know for sure.

What is the procedure for getting back into a bootable state?

I'm currently using Spotmau Powersuite to backup the disk to an image on an external USB drive (thankfully it can see both drives to even do this).

I've done google searches but there appears to be very little on the subject or it so dated that it may lead me down the wrong path and I need to use extreme caution with whatever I use to try to resolve this.

Please help if you can. Cheers -- Tim.

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Re: HELP: Windows XP won't boot "EpePC has been corrupted (error 92h)"

You are in the wrong section for EEPC, you need one of the sub-forums here: