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I'm a college student and was looking for a decent trial for antivirus protection software and have heard great things about McAffee for old macs. However, after downloading the trial I can't access it as it just tells me to confirm my email (which I have done) and blocks me access to websites that are of ACTUAL importance to me and my education. 

I cannot access my college website, Facebook, etc. I'm having an anxiety attack because I can't do any of my online coursework nor can I uninstall the program as it's locked.

I'm really dissatisfied right now and just want to unistall the program from my mac with ease and it seems that it is absolutely impossible.

I'm frustrated, unimpressed and about ready to throw my computer out of the window as this is the only freaking website I can actually access.

Top top off my frustration, the warning tells me to contact Mcaffee support and the contact us page is blocked.

Edit: I found how to uninstall the program but it requests a valid uninstall number and I ahven't a clue as to how to get that.

Again, I cannot access the contact support phone number so I'm unable to go through with the uninstallation.

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