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Ghost History in IE

When I open my history in Internet Explorer, I find hundreds of web pages I never went to. Also, as I look at the history, the web page names keep on coming.

They would appear to be completely random web sites; here are a few of them:

Links removed by mod

The only connection I can find between all of these sites are that some of them search about trailers...

Here are some Pages:

Links removed by Mod


Also, I get random pop-ups of:


I did a full McAfee scan and it turned up nothing.

If anyone knows what it might be Please write a comment or respond to this Message!

-- Thank you

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Not necessary to post a list of spam links just follow Toms suggestions on 10/08/10 12:04:07 PM
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Re: Ghost History in IE

This link may help you with your issue. Try running the McAfee Stinger scan mentioned in this link

After following the suggestions in the link and no change happens, try the following free tool run this program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer when prompted. You might want to download this program from a clean pc to a usb stick and rename the download and installation files to something you can remember as malware is written to self protect itself and by renaming ie ie will not see it as a threat. Do the same for SuperAntispyware

Keep us posted

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